Safety first, then life

Senior Lecturer in Safety and Fire Fighting Courses.

Since 2015, I have been active in the field of safety, health and environment and to this day, I have helped thousands of people to improve the safety and health status of work in their work and life.

Health, safety and environment issues due to the new approach of management science in all industries, are of great importance in the comprehensive development of the country and the progress and growth of human society.

Currently, with the support of scientific and empirical experiences and with the necessary licenses from the country’s competent authorities, I am a pioneer in providing HSE related educational services.

Depending on the information I will provide to you, you can be one of the thousands of trained people who have become a more useful and well-informed element in their work environment.


About Me

I'm the Parvaneh Rikhtegarha

Biography of Parvane Rikhtegarha

You may find it interesting that I have studied software engineering, but because of my interest in fire and safety skills, I continue to study, research, learn, and teach.

My main area of interest and focus is safety in construction sites, fire, ergonomics and psychological hazards in the workplace, and I research in this field. To date, I have been successful in obtaining a license for holding classes of safety and health in the contracting operations of employers, occupational safety and health in the special contracting operations of workers from the Center for Technical Protection and Occupational Health Education and Obtaining training license for 54 safety and fire fighting fields from the Technical and Vocational Organization of the country.

I produce free content for HSE enthusiasts on Instagram at hseiranian address. The honor of cooperation in large educational complexes such as the Association of Guilds of Safety Authorities of Tehran Province, Commercial School and … And my mission in my career is to help people become more useful, effective, and more reliable in their community with the knowledge they gain in safety.


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